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48 hours with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 band

I will start with the most important information for all people who bought the armband in the version intended for the Chinese market. If the system language on your smartphone is set to English then the band also has an interface in English. When your smartphone is set to Polish, the interface will be in Chinese. Probably it will change over time.

The same situation was with the older generation of Mi Band 3. At the beginning there was no Polish language, but over time the developers updated the Mi Fit application and during the synchronization of the band with the smartphone there was an automatic change of interface from Chinese to Polish.

Mi Band 4 first impressions -1

It's been two days since I received the parcel from the postman with the band. Here you can read the entry in which I described the unpacking of the wristband and the first disappointment.

The first 48 hours with Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4 is in my opinion a successful evolution of the previous model. There is a bigger, colorful display that looks better on your hands. The color display did not adversely affect battery drainage. Through 2 days, the battery level has dropped from 50% to 43%, which is 3,5% per day. During this time I did two workouts on the treadmill after + - 30 minutes. According to the above data, the armband should withstand on one 29 charging days, a very good result.

Mi Band 4 first impressions -3

An important function in Mi Band 4 is to register heart rate zones. During aerobic training, he watches the pulse to effectively train, for me the best range is from 120 to 140 bmp. For beginners, a wristband will be very helpful. For example, in the picture we are currently in the Relaxed zone, it is a sign that it is time to roll up the sleeves.

mi fit 4 band

After finishing the training, Heart rate zones from the whole workout are visible in the Mi Fit application, as you can see my training was weak (I played in the Cities Skyline).

I have not used the new swimming training recording function yet, and I will not. I prefer the "2 in 1" activity during aerobic training. Mostly I play on the console and go on WalkingPad, pleasant with useful 🙂

Mi Band 4 first impressions -2

The band has the same useful function as the Mi Band 3, which means checking the weather or reading notifications, messages. Reading the code we receive from the bank via SMS from the level of the wrist is what it is. I often load the phone in another room and do not have to get up to read the authorization code.

With Mi Band 4 you can also control the music played by your smartphone. There is available start / pause, next / previous song and louder / quieter.

The color display offers a change of graphics displayed on the Mi Band 4 start screen. Graphics added by the developers of Mi Fit are "youth graphics", I do not like any so I use the default.

Mi Band 4
Sample graphics in the Mi Band 4

Mi Band 4 is a successful evolution of the three, but it is not a revolution. It presents itself better and that's all. If you have Mi Band 3 and you do not die to record a swim training or the heart rate zones are not valid for you, then you can stay with your three hands. You will change to a newer model when the older one stops working.

I bought Mi Band 4 here and the band reached me on 10 days.


I have not used Mi Band 3 for a long time and I did not realize one very important fact. Mi Band 3 has a "dark" display, the visibility in full sun is very poor.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has 5-step brightness adjustment. When we set the third level, the content in the full sun is similar to Mi Band 3. The brightness set to the maximum, i.e. the fifth level, is the total declassification of the three. I thought there was no point changing from 3 to 4, now I changed my mind. In my opinion, it's definitely worth it for the convenience of outdoor use.

Thanks to Rafał for the comment!

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