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Xiaomi Wireless Switch - a wireless switch for compact size

In the Smart Home offer from Xiaomi, there could not be a wireless switch. We do not always want to handle everything using a smartphone or automatically. The Xiaomi Wireless Switch allows us to stick an object to any part of the apartment and trigger a programmed action by overusing it.

The switch is very compact size 50mmx10mm and weighs only 19g, so we can stick it even the other way round, the low weight will not peel off. The device is powered by an 2032 battery that is attached to the device. Batteries are popular in Poland, there will be no trouble with replacement. In the set with the switch, we receive a backup double-sided tape and instruction manuals in Chinese. Xiaomi Wireless Switch works in the ZigBee wireless protocol, to operate the device you need a central smart home from the Chinese manufacturer, Gateway. The device operates at -5 to 40. To operate the device from the central unit, you need to use a small needle (for opening the SIM tray in new smartphones) and press the reset button on the back of the housing through the 3, on the phone screen in the Mi Home application go to Gateway and add the Wireless Switch sub-device. On a smartphone with a bitten apple, the application Mi Home at the switch configuration site has not been translated and is in Chinese, I hope that in one of the next updates Xiaomi will fully translate the Mi Home applications. Android players have a fully translated version into English. Xiaomi Wireless Switch allows you to control all devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem, for example, bulbs, sockets, LED strips, air purifier, etc.

The switch has three functions:

  • single click
  • double click
  • long holding

To program the switch, click Add Scene after entering the newly added Wireless Switch in the Mi Home application. The first picture shows the configuration screen, "if it meets the conditions, do it" we have to choose whether all conditions or only one should be met. We click on plus at Meet all conditions to choose which condition is to be met to perform the task.

mi home wireless switch
xiami wireless switch
We can see three lines in Chinese (photo: 2). The first line is responsible for a single click, the second for two clicks and the third for a long press of a button. I chose the first row, a single click on the switch. Then we have to choose what will happen after pressing, what we choose depends on what equipment we already have from the ecosystem Xiaomi and what effect we want to achieve. I chose, as you can see in the photo the number 3, two reactions, will receiveno notification on the smartphone and turning off the extension cable.

In the Mi Home application in the switch configuration center, we can view all the scenes we have programmed and those proposed by Xiaomi, but they are also in Chinese. I linked the button with my "entertainment center":

  • A single push of the switch causes the LED strip and bulbs to be switched on. Changing the color of both light sources to the one defined by Xiaomi as "Movie", shine half power in blue, and switching on the extension to which I have plugged consoles, TV and Mi box.
  • Double click, turns off all lighting and extension cable.
  • If you keep the button pressed longer, the lighting goes out but the extension cord remains switched on. Applies when I download the game on the console.

xiaomi switch

The application saves logs from each press of a button.

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If you have any smart home devices from Xiaomi, buying a switch will definitely be a good choice, it guarantees that you will find it applicable. Pressing the button is often faster than doing the same on the smartphone screen. Thanks to the ZigBee technology, the communication takes place immediately, I used to sit on the sofa and switch everything on the smartphone screen, now press the button and enter the room, I can sit comfortably with the pad, shoot the next goal Real Madrid in Fif 17 🙂

Xiaomi Wireless Switch I bought on the site Gearbest for 5,59 $

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