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Xiaomi Soundbar review

TV are getting thinner, have less space for a decent audio system. That's why I decided to buy Xiaomi soundbara which has been testing for a long time, already two months. If you want to know what's in the set along with the soundbar read the unpacking entry. I have thoroughly presented the whole set and appearance.

Xiaomi Soundbar review

Xiaomi Soundbar review

The device has dimensions 830 mm x 72 mm x 87 mm, and weighs less than 2kg. He presents himself very well. It has a minimalist, Scandinavian style. At first glance, you would not say it's a soundbar. Gray fabric at the front, white plastic around and rounded edges. All this creates a very good effect, ideally it will blend with modern salons in gray colors. It can lie on the dresser under the TV set or it can be hung on the wall.

Xiaomi Soundbar review

Xiaomi Soundbar review

Ways of communication

The soundbar can be connected to the sound source in one of four ways: using the AUX cable, optical cable, SPDIF (included) or Bluetooth in the 4.2 version. The speaker set can be paired using Bluetooth with a smartphone, tablet or even TV. The quality of the connection is good for playing music, it will work well during houses. However, if you plan to use the Xiaomi soundbar connected via Bluetooth and watch movies or play games, this is a weak idea. In fast games or fast movie scenes, the delay between the soundbar and the smartphone / TV is noticeable and takes away the joy of playing or watching.

At the top of the soundbar there are 7 buttons for selecting the sound source, an on / off button and two volume buttons.

No remote control ... it's not a problem

For me, the soundbar is connected with the optical cable to the TV all the time. Soundbar Xiaomi does not have a remote control, when I am connected through an optical cable, I lose the ability to control the volume using the TV remote control. For me it is not a problem, because I do not even have an antenna connected. I use the Xiaomi TV Box and I can control the volume with the remote control from it. Honestly, I do not even do it, as I set it up. All productions in Netflix have the same volume level and there is no need to adjust.

Xiaomi Soundbar review

Sound quality

The nominal impedance is 6 Ω, and the frequency range is 50-25,000 Hz. On paper, the soundbar has 28 of watts of total power coming from the 8 loudspeakers. Four speakers per 14 watts power page. Two tweeters, two subwoofers and four passive membranes. The first thing that "throws in the ears" is a very good bass, the sound is dynamic and pleasant to the ear. If you are listening mainly to the acoustics you will probably be disappointed because the lack of clarity in mid tones can make some songs tedious.

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In my opinion, the Xiaomi soundbar works great considering the price. I bought it for $ 98 and my opinion is worth the sum. If you're using built-in speakers on your TV, changing to 33's Xiaomi soundbar will be very audible. You will not want to go back to the built-in audio system. Minuses? For some, there is no remote control or delay when connecting via bluetooth in dynamic movie scenes. Xiaomi TV Box solves the pilot problem.

Xiaomi Soundbar you can buy at for $ 78.99. Choose Priority Line shipping and you will avoid additional customs duties. If you are waiting for a better offer follow the promotion page.

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