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Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker - an almost perfect speaker

Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker

About two years ago I was looking for a wireless speaker that would offer good sound quality and would not cost more than a thousand zlotys. I did not find anything interesting, I decided on a "wired" speaker from JBL OneBeat Micro, with a docking station with a Lightning port. It also loaded the iPhone while playing music, the need to reply to an SMS from the docking station was very uncomfortable. In recent years, there has been a flood of speakers operating in wireless technology, of course, there could not be a device from a Chinese giant. Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker is a speaker that would fully meet my needs two years ago, how is it now?

Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker

Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker has reached me in a unique red package like Xiaomi. The loudspeaker has a power cord and instruction manual in Chinese.


The device is solidly made, with a stronger pressure on different parts of the housing, you can not hear any "creak". The loudspeaker has horizontal stripes along the casing, as if it were notched, the front of the device is made of flexible plastic, you can gently spread the straps sideways and look inside. The back is made the same, but because it has speakers only on the front of the device, the incisions are made of hard plastic and can not be moved apart. There are three ports on the back. We have a USB port, Jack 3,5mm and a power socket the same as in most Polish radio receivers. The power cord has an Asian plug and it is necessary to use an adapter, we can also look for the old cable from the radio and connect it to the Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker. The loudspeaker weighs 1,63kg and the dimensions 28,2cm x 9,5cm x 9cm. The bottom has "rubber feet" that prevent the device from moving.

The plate on which the buttons are located on the front of the device is made of aluminum. It has the same top finished in red color, the button is responsible for turning the device on / off. Then there are four white buttons arranged in the shape of the four directions of the world. The upper one is responsible for the sound system, the lower one for mute. Left for rewinding the song and turning on the previous song, right reverse - scrolling forward and changing the song to the next one in order. On the front, the Play button allows you to stop playing. At the bottom there is the Chanel button, you can switch it to our playlists or call the voice assistant and ask for the vocalist and playlist chosen by the song. Unfortunately, you can only communicate in Chinese.

Speaker support

The loudspeaker is operated via the Mi Speaker application. Android players are lucky, it has been translated into English, Apple users have worse. The application is in Chinese and to find it, please scan the QR code on the bottom of the device, the name is also in the "bushes". The speaker supports Wi-Fi in the 2,4gHZ and 5gHZ standards as well as Bluetooth. To use the device as a Bluetooth speaker, there is no need to download the application, the device will be immediately available as a new Bluetooth device in the list of available devices. The application allows you to update the device, creating playlists, listening to radio stations, unfortunately only Chinese, supports streaming websites, but also only Chinese. What we are most interested in are playlists. The device has a built-in disk with usable capacity 6,53GB on which we can place our own mp3 files and create playlists. .Mp3 files can be imported from a smartphone, or wirelessly connected to the same Wi-Fi network with a computer and sent directly from the computer. It works very well, when I uploaded a few albums, it did not break my connection. We can set an alarm, the device will wake up at a given time. and it will start playing music, we can define the length of the alarm and choose a song. The options also include the option to turn off the device after a certain time or after x songs. Built-in equalizer with Normal, Voice, Bass, Treble or Custom modes.

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Created playlists

If we create several playlists, we can switch between the next CH button on the front of the device. Personally, I bought the device as a Bluetooth speaker, but I prefer to use the Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker through uploaded songs. When I want other songs, I connect via Bluetooth and stream music from Spotify, but rarely.

Sound quality

I am not a music lover, but the device is very good in this matter. The sound is clear, quite strong bass. The power of the speakers mounted on the Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker is 30W. As for my purposes, listening while working on a laptop, while cleaning. The power is too much, it is enough for me. I do not even listen in half power. In my opinion, it is enough even for houses, if we live in a block, for neighbors it may even be too loud. If someone has a wireless speaker from Xiaomi with a built-in battery, I recorded a special one film showing a comparison of the sound quality of both devices.


In my opinion, the Xiaomi Smart Network Speaker is a very good device, the elegant design makes it a perfect element of the living room decor. Sound at a very good price, possibility also. The biggest minus, no integration with Spotify and the availability of only Chinese radio stations. I bought the device in the store 106 $, or around 420 PLN. The JBL loudspeaker I mentioned at the beginning of the post also cost between 400-500 PLN, Xiaomi sounds better to me and has the ability to play music via Bluetooth or from the built-in memory. If you still have music in .mp3 format or you are looking for a wireless speaker operating via Bluetooth for Spotify, you will be very happy with the purchase.