Xiaomi presents a quartz watch with smart functions, much cheaper than Withings

In recent days, Xiaomi presented another watch, this time it is a classic quartz watch but with intelligent features.

Xiaomi presents a quartz watch with smart functions

Xiaomi presents a quartz watch with smart functions

The watch has a double disc made of durable glass and an envelope made of stainless steel. It has a minimalist look, only one knob. It is available in three colors, black, gray and white with a blue stripe. The diameter is 40 mm. It is powered by a CR2430 battery, no problem to buy in Poland.

Xiaomi presents a quartz watch with smart functions

Thanks to built-in sensors, the watch can measure the number of steps taken during the day. The number can be tracked on a regular basis using the smaller disc at the bottom. The collected data can also be checked in the application on your smartphone. If we maintain a permanent connection to the watch via Bluetooth, we will be able to unlock the phone or laptop. Unfortunately, there is no sleep monitoring function. After writing an opinion on Mi Banda 3, I gave up smartwatch for some time. I'm waiting for Apple to present a new watch. After a few days, Xiaomi presents a new classic watch, a case? I do not think so.

The new quartz watch costs 349 yuan in China, 52 $. The sale will start on 17 in July from 10 in China. It will be a strong competitor for a similar company watch once on W, and now on N, which price is $ 150.

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