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Xiaomi starts cooperation with a new company and presents a juicer

Xiaomi presents another kitchen equipment and enlarges its long list of household appliances. The new product went to the financing platform, was created by The Free. The product has already reached 122% of the amount needed on the crowdfunding platform. Only in two months will the shipment to the first customers begin.

Xiaomi starts cooperation with a new company and presents a juicer

Dimensions of the juicer are 285 mm x 284 mm x 418 mm, and weighs 17,2 kg. As you can see, the dimensions are large, and the space on the kitchen counter is limited. It often happens that I buy things and then I have no place to set them. The device from The Free is characterized by a minimalistic look, on the front there is one button. The sides are covered with a silver coating, powered by 230V, and the power is 200W.

Xiaomi starts cooperation with a new company and presents a juicer

As you saw in the film, the way you use it is very simple. We place the fruit in a special bag that will hold about 450 g fruits or vegetables, then put the bag in the next bag which we put into the squeezer. Remember to hang on special hooks. Once this is done, just slide the cover and press the button on the front of the device. During 36 seconds, your favorite juice will be waiting for you in a glass placed under the outlet. The juice is cold pressed so that fruits and vegetables do not lose their natural nutritional value.for juices

The Free juice juicer in China costs 1999 yuan, $ 292. Shipping to the first customers will start on October 26. The set includes 21 internal and external bags. Bags can be washed and used five times. Xiaomi advertises its new device that we can enjoy healthy, fresh juice without the need for cleaning. I think the bags will be cheap, but I have not found anywhere on this subject.

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Preparing fresh juices for the whole family and throwing away the bag without the need to clean the machine, I like this plan.


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