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Xiaomi presents the Viomi trash grinder

Viomi trash crusher

Po water heater, Xiaomi presented another new product dedicated to the kitchen. Crowd shredder Viomi i appeared on the crowdfunding platform has already reached 253% of the amount needed. I honestly admit that I have not seen such a solution anywhere in Poland. The device powders all kinds of food, including bones, vegetables, fruits, egg shells and much more, all this can be "cleaned up" in the sink.

Viomi trash crusher

The dimensions of the device are 200 mm x 200 mm x 383 mm, and the weight is 9,5kg. The crusher should be placed under sink and connect with the drain. The 650W engine will automatically adjust the speed of rotation to the current ground that goes through the 4 stages. The crusher shredder additionally has an overheating protection system. The capacity is 1290 ml to accommodate a significant amount of waste.

Viomi trash crusher

The crusher is controlled using a special button that Xiaomi joins the set. With its help, we can start or finish the process of crushing leftovers. Double sinks in Poland, Xiaomi shredder can be easily installed.

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Xiaomi valued Viomi trash crusher at 1499 yuan, $ 231. Shipping to the first people will start on August 4. A friend said that such devices in Poland are not popular because of the price, over 3 thousands of zlotys. I did not find anything on the Allegro. Has anyone seen such a shredder at home? How does it work? I am curious and I am very tempted to buy it when it hits stores. There are no contraindications to let powdered waste into the sewage system? Anyone have knowledge about this?

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