Xiaomi presents Leband, a mobile station for work

The purpose of the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform is to enable niche producers to create new products that will solve the daily problems of many people. The problem that I will solve Leband is back pain due to an incorrect posture in front of the computer. Often the computer at which we work is too low, which is why Xiamen Lefan Health Technology presented the electric lifting platform. The control is carried out using a button or a smartphone.

Leband mobile work station

The basis on which we can place any object has the dimensions 700 mm x 480 mm and does not require any fixing to the surface on which there is eg a desk. Weighs 9 kg, and the maximum load that supports this 15 kg. The up / down movement is smooth, there are no "jumps", there is no risk that something will fall over. The platform rises to a height of 7,2 cm up to 40 cm, will work well both sitting and standing.


Connects to the Mi Home app on smartphones with iOS or Android. In addition, you can enter the sex of the person, height, height of the desk and the platform Leband will choose the right height. The device must be connected to the power supply.


The Leband platform was priced at 799 yuan, $ 116. Shipping to the first customers will start on September 28. On the funding platform, it arouses moderate interest, so far it has only achieved 94%. The product can be purchased for the full amount or supported by 1 yuan, 14 cent cents.


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