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Xiaomi Momo, a new full body massager for 199 yuan

In recent weeks Xiaomi has been filling the market with massage devices. There is no week for them not to present a new product in this industry. There were devices dedicated to individual parts of the body, this time it is time for a product that is designed to loosen the muscles of every part of the body.

Xiaomi Momo, a new full body massager for 199 yuan

Xiaomi Momo

The massager was manufactured by Momo. The dimensions of the device are 46 cm x 16.5 cm x XUMUM cm, and its weight is 11 kilogram. There are three massage modes and three levels of massage strength available to the user. In addition, it has the ability to heat - the heat emitted by the device has a positive effect on improving circulation.

For the first time in this type of device the double cylinder design was used. The massager is equipped with a battery with 2200 mAh capacity, which will provide 180 minutes of massage on a single charge.

Xiaomi Momo

To provide the appropriate body massage together with Xiaomi Momo we will get six massage heads, each has its own purpose and other application:

  1. Heated head is suitable for massaging the whole body. It will improve the circulation better.
  2. The metal head is intended for face massage. It eliminates pores, makes the skin more elastic.
  3. Plum-shaped massage head is dedicated to the massage of the back, legs and waist. It soothes muscle pain and fatigue.
  4. The cone-shaped head will work during the whole body massage. It stimulates the feeling of hammering and knocking which relaxes tense muscles.
  5. The soft head is suitable for arms, neck and legs. Stimulates multi-point acupuncture.
  6. The round head is suitable for massaging all parts of the body, relaxing on the muscles.

Xiaomi Momo massager has been priced on the Chinese market at 199 yuan, $ 29.

Xiaomi Momo

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