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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Water Purifier 1A - a slim water purifier

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Water Purifier 1A

The third version of the Xiaomi water purifier has been slimmed down from its predecessors. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Water Purifier 1A purifies water immediately before its "use". Water quality, just like air is a big problem in China, that's why so many generations of products from these two areas have been released to the market. Such reflection, I'm curious where Do the Chinese have a trash can under a sink ?! Anyone have an idea?

Xiaomi Mijia Mi Water Purifier 1A

The new purifier, as opposed to its predecessors, is sold in a set, it includes the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Water Purifier 1A, two filters and is compatible with the entire set of taps. The main part is placed under the sink and connected directly to the water source. The output of the water purifier is connected with the included tap. Xiaomi declares that the water that will be passed through the purifier thanks to the two filters will be deprived of 99,9% of bacteria and heavy metals. The 99% of organic matter will also be removed.

Xiaomi water purifier

The tap supplied with the set has a special LED backlight which informs about water quality. The TDS sensor in the center in real time transmits the water quality to the backlight. If it shines in blue, the water is good, when it turns orange, the quality deteriorates. Collected data and the degree of filter wear can be checked in the Mi Home application, we will receive a notification when the water quality drops or it is necessary to replace the filters.

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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Water Purifier 1A

Just like a couple of predecessors in the previous week, Xiaomi Mijia Mi Water Purifier 1A was also priced at 1499 yuan, $ 238.

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