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Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75-inch TV for only 5200 PLN

Xiaomi Mi TV 4

Before the conference there were many leaks in the network about the new Mi 8 flagship, or the Mi Band 3 band. However, there was no mention of the TV. 31 have the largest TV offered by Xiaomi was 65 diagonal. During the conference Xiaomi presented, however, about 10 inches larger screen, 75 inches. Xiaomi continues its policy by offering TVs about parameters close to the competition, but at lower prices. I do not mean the Polish Manta, only brands like Samsung, Sony, Sharp.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4

Xiaomi Mi TV 4

The most important thing about the TV is the screen, the new TV of course supports 4K HDR resolution. Such a large surface, with excellent image quality, allows you to get a much better sense of the content you are watching. My current TV has 58 inches, but I also used the Xiaomi laser projector. It allows you to get a screen for 150 inches and the impressions were amazing.

We TV 75

The thickness of Xiaomi Mi TV 4 is just 11,4 mm and the casing is made of aluminum, which has undergone a two-color anodizing process. The TV has many ports 3 x HDMI, 2 xUSB, S / PDIF and Ethernet input. The excellent picture of the new Mi TV 4 with 75 inch screen is complemented by the sensational sound system Dolby Sound + DTS Dual Decoding. Provides three-dimensional sound thanks to two 2x8W speakers. Traditionally, as in today's TV sets, WiFI and Bluetooth could not be missing. It is equipped with quad-core processor Amlogic Cortex A53 with 1.8 GHz clock speed, graphics processor is Mali-T830 clocked at 750 MHz. The operating memory is 2 GB, and the internal memory for 32 GB data. A lot of computing power is needed for artificial intelligence in which the TV has been set up, the function is called Patchwall.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4

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The device collects data by reading how we use the device, what content we search for. Uses collected information to better adapt to the needs of each person. MIUI Tv, the operating system on the TV has a Chinese VOD service, it contains a large library of films and series, as well as children's tales. To Mi Tv 4 we can of course speak, make voice commands. In addition to the simplest "turn on film condemned to shawshank", it supports a lot more advanced queries, eg when watching a movie, we can issue a command to show information about the actors playing in the movie. He can even search for information about the actor who is currently displayed on the screen. You can ask for weather, control Mi Home devices, but there is one minus. Unfortunately, all new products in the same way as the MIUI Tv system is offered so far only in Chinese.

Price? sensational

Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75 inches only 8999 yuan, or 5200 PLN! The price is sensational, but it is only valid in China, and the purchase of such a lot of equipment is associated with high shipping costs + commission to May friend. I found the Xiaomi 65 TV only on AliExpress.but the price is not encouraging, which is a shame because a very nice set with a soundbar and subwoofer. It is currently very good offer for the genius Xiaomi laser projector which displays the screen to 150 inches, has very good built-in speakers. The projector can be placed on the floor against the wall, several dozen centimeters away, and he will display practically vertically a large screen above the 100 screen wall! I recommend checking on YT. The projector is sent from the warehouse in Europe so there will definitely be no additional costs.

Let's go back to the TV for a moment, you can think What is the point in presenting the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 75 in, when we add shipping costs, what's the price to pay for a TV set from another brand in Poland? Xiaomi is growing rapidly in Europe. It already has its official branches in several EU countries, including Poland. So far, the offer is quite poor, but I hope that it will change over time. They can enter the TV market in Europe at any time, with an interface in English. I hope so and I am counting on other large-size products, for example fridge. Xiaomi, Lei Jun I keep my fingers crossed for you. We want you more in Europe!

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