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Xiaomi Collodio Mop, a new mop for cleaning floors

Xiaomi introduced for sale another mop for floor cleaning, as you can see, the Chinese Giant takes great care to keep our homes clean. The offer of vacuum cleaners, mops and household appliances is getting richer. Not everyone needs an autonomous vacuum cleaner that can also wash the floor, some prefer simpler, cheaper solutions. The new Xiaomi Collodio Mop costs little, just 69 yuan.

Xiaomi Collodio Mop

What characterizes most Xiaomi products is minimalism and simple in appearance and this is also a mop. On the handle there is a button that allows you to rotate the mopping tip with 18o degrees. This will make it easier to get to sensitive places, eg under furniture, chairs. The cleaning surface is made of a single-layer PVA rubber that effectively captures hair and dirt, the length is 330 mm. A special roll that works with a force of around 60N is responsible for the water press.

Xiaomi Collodio Mop

The second important feature that especially pleases people living in small apartments is the opportunity to fold the mop when it is unused to take as little space as possible. It can stand vertically in the specially attached to the set base, then it takes only 77 mm width and is high at 1470 mm. Xiaomi wants to provide the greatest convenience of use. The handle of the handle was covered with foam to ensure a certain grip. The rod was made of aluminum to ensure low weight.

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Xiaomi Collodio Mop

Xiaomi Collodio Mop has been priced in China on 69 yen, $ 10. Stores that ship the product from China to Europe also need to earn, so it is more expensive. The mop has been added to the shop's offer Gearbest, but I recommend you wait for promotion.

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