Xiaomi watches Amazfit or Beep are popular in the world, many people praise the Xiaomi handheld devices. However, these wristbands from the Mi Band series are a definite sales hit. The second generation band is the best-selling device of this type in the world. The next generation of Mi Band 3 presented a month ago has already sold more than a million pieces, this is the official announcement from a week ago from Xiaomi. It's no wonder that Xiaomi cares about the product. A few days ago, the Mi Fit application update containing the new feature for Mi Band 3 went to the Play Store.

The new update for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 introduces the mute function of the phone

The new update for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 introduces the mute function of the phone

Xiaomi has already announced that it plans to launch the phone's mute function with the Mi Band 3. The new functionality is compatible only with Android smartphones. It works perfectly during meetings or lessons to quickly mute your phone without having to pull it out of your pocket or bag.

All you have to do is update the Mi Fit app to the latest version. To mute the phone, scroll the menu up until the "More" option appears, then move right two times. A phone with a crossed out loudspeaker will appear. Long press the button to mute or disable the mute.

The second new feature is the notification of matches of the world championships in Russia

... however, this function does not work with me. Until the end were only four matches, so I treated it as a curiosity and I do not try to activate.

Where to buy Mi Band 3?

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 you can buy in the store Gearbest.com. There is currently a promotion, using the HKBAND3 coupon you will reduce the price. Only the Chinese language version is available, the international version will go on sale in September. I added the guide in which I present how easy it is to upload Polish.