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There was a toilet seat, it's time for a new hit from Xiaomi!

a new hit from Xiaomi

Anti-bacterial Bamboo Tissue, an antibacterial bamboo paper handkerchief. Who of you had bamboo handkerchiefs? Well, no one! Thanks to Xiaomi, our world will change for the better.

Xiaomi offers really all kinds of products, the latest work by Wuro is a good example. Wuro bamboo antibacterial wipes are manufactured by Hunan ChengManufacturing Co. Ltd. I know nothing that does not say it to me, but since they boast it, I think it's good. They are made of pure bamboo cooked under high pressure at 150 degrees. The entire production process is certified in accordance with the AP (food standard) and EOS (organic) and approved by the FDA. The result is that these antibacterial wipes can also be used in the food sector, food packaging, because it is an FDA approved product.

Anti-bacterial Bamboo Tissue

In addition, a microbiological analysis carried out by the Provincial Center of Guangdong has shown that Wuro wipes have a 98,78% removal rate against Staphylococcus aureus. Similar to "American scientists have discovered ..." published in the Men's Health newspaper.

Bamboo wipes antibacterial Wuro

How much does this miracle cost?

Wuro bamboo antibacterial wipes are sold in boxes containing 20 460 packs of tissues in each, at 79 yuan price ~ 12 $. However, you do not have to break the pigs yet, as long as no shop offers shipping to Poland.

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