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Tripod Xiaomi, 2 in 1. Tripod and selfie holder in one.

Tripod Xiaomi

Selfies are becoming more and more popular. Xiaomi decided to release the second generation, an improved version of its selfie stiker.

Tripod Xiaomi, this is now called the device in addition to the traditional "sliding stick" has the ability to spread the legs, so you can use as a tripod. A useful function during video calls.

The device has a Bluetooth remote control that can be pulled out of the case. For proper operation it is necessary to have an Android smartphone from the 4.3 Kitkat up version, or iOS from the 5 version.

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It comes in two colors, black and white. The dimensions at the folded are 49,5mm x 190mm, and the weight 155g. It stretches to 465mm, the bracket used makes the smarton in a stable position. The handle can be rotated by 360 degrees. Xiaomi has priced the product on 89 Yuan ($ 13). So far, there is a pre-sale in the store however, it was priced in advance on 22 $ and will only be shipped from mid-March.