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Portable mosquito repeller from Xiaomi - 25 days of operation

He came to me a long time ago mosquito repeller from Xiaomi, but I think it works too well because I do not have mosquitoes. There would be nothing strange about it, only that the device is in a box and is turned off. Xiaomi also has a different model in its portfolio, a product dedicated to hikers. You can attach it to your backpack and go on the road like a wanderer.

Portable mosquito repellent - 25 days of operation

Portable mosquito repellent

The power supply uses two 1.5V AA batteries that power the fan inside. The fan is designed to "blow out" a repellent that is odorless to man and non-toxic. The size of the repeller is 61 mm x 61 mm x 25 mm, and weighs 25g.

In the set with the device there are two replaceable cartridges, which in total will be available on 50 days. Everyone is enough for 200 hours, assuming that we will use 8 hours a day is enough for 25 days.

Portable mosquito repellent

The portable repellent looks similar to a miniature bluetooth speaker. The kit is also accompanied by a leash with which you can attach a wonderfully to the backpack. In addition to the leash are also two sets of batteries (4 pieces) and as I mentioned above, two cartridges.

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The portable mosquito repeller is available for purchase in the store I have already ordered my copy.

Portable mosquito repellent

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