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Xiaomi portable electric shaver [unpacking]
Xiaomi electric shaver

Xiaomi electric shaver

I shaved a hair shaver for a long time without any overlay. I was responsible for shaving every few days and the only thing I needed was a charged razor, no foam. Due to the fact that the razor is already flying. When the electric shaver Xiaomi showed up on the horizon, I immediately placed the order.

Xiaomi electric shaver arrives in a classic white, elegant box. You can see at once that this is a Xiaomi strikte product, not one of the sub-brands. On the front, a picture of the equipment that is in the middle and a brief description of the parameters at the bottom of the box at the bottom.

In a box outside the electric shaver itself there is a USB-> USB-C cable for charging, a small brush for cleaning and a manual in Chinese.

It's time to go to the Xiaomi electric shaver, it's very compact, it can easily fit into a vanity case or even a pocket. At the bottom of the device there is a USB-C port for charging and a LED that informs about the charge status of the shaver.

After removing the plastic cover, one of the sides shows the button to turn the device on. When we "disassemble" the machine even more and pull the blade cover you can see the cutting razor. Immediately the inscription "Made in Japan" is thrown in my eyes, in my imagination I have before my eyes razor-sharp Japanese katana, I hope that with a shaver Xiaomi will be similar.

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The first shave

With enthusiasm I started the first shaving, as I wrote at the beginning a very long time I did not shave to zero. You could say that I cut my hair. I was very unpleasantly disappointed, the xiaomi electric shaver pinched, she shaved inaccurately. A large part of facial hair has gone away. I shaved 15 minutes and I could not shave in a satisfactory way. I have read in the user's manual that it takes time for the skin to adapt to the new way of shaving. After 9 shaves, three times a week, for three weeks, shaving should be comfortable. At least that's what Xiaomi declares, we'll see.

With the second shave it is better, it does not tweak but it still leaves sometimes with facial hair. I will pass my reports after a month.

Xiaomi Electric Shaver you can buy for around $ 37.