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Gossip about Mi Mix 3 episode three

As I said in the last entry, Xiaomi Mix 3 it will be the hottest topic in this apropo holiday of new Xiaomi products. However, even I did not think they would appear every day ..

A photo from today's rumor / leak looks very realistically and I would not be surprised if this is what the new Mi Mix 3 looked like. The camera can not be seen at the top or at the bottom so the picture confirms other information that the camera will be moved out of the housing. The only thing I can find fault with is the bar with the bottom buttons, in my Mi Mix 2 I have switched it off for a long time, I use gestures much better.

Gossip about Mi Mix 3 episode three

Gossip about Mi Mix 3 episode three

The Mi Mix series from the beginning was a premium product

Xiaomi Mi Mix is ​​the most luxurious smartphone in the Xiaomi portfolio, it proves the way of packaging. Every other smartphone, even the flagship Mi 8 has a small rectangular box. Mi Mixy are packed in a larger, square box finished with elegant black.

The latest Mi Mix 3 frameless frame will definitely be able to charge wirelessly. Today, information about the potential charger in the set together with the smartphone went to the network. Xiaomi has to give up the traditional to the outlet and instead place the induction charger in the box.

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I wonder how many episodes the telenovela will last before the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be officially presented.

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