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New Mooyee massager with a mobile application

In its range of products Xiaomi already has several massagers, but so far none of them had communication with the phone. This time it changed, and the new massager received the 2017 IF Design Award.

With its appearance, the new Mooyee massager resembles the "macaroons" cakes, or Oreo if you prefer. The housing is made of ABS plastic and PC. Dimension is 56 mm x 56 mm x 26 mm, and it weighs less than 47 gram. You can take it with you everywhere. There are four pastel colors to choose from. Violet, turquoise, gray and salmon.

New Mooyee massager

The device consists of two parts "macaroon" and an electrode which should be applied to the skin. The maximum duration of one session is 30 minutes. The 180 mAh battery is responsible for the working time, which will allow 240 minutes to use the massager. Charging takes place via the Micro USB port, charging takes two hours. The massager releases impulses that stimulate the muscles.

New Mooyee massager

It has 18 massage modes and 15 intensity levels, we can change via the mobile application. Mooyee connects to the phone via bluetooth. Mode selection is not the only option offered by the mobile application, it also has built-in music, so that relaxation can not only experience the muscles but also the whole body.

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The Mooyee massager has been priced in China on 249 yuan, $ 38.

New Mooyee massager

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