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Review of Xiaomi Mi6 - in pursuit of the iPhone, or maybe already before?

Xiaomi Mi6

Living with the Xiaomi ecosystem requires two operating systems, some devices in the Mi Home application have an English interface on the orphan, others on iOS. That's why I also need an Android smartphone to reliably carry out tests, and of course Xiaomi has chosen something. I did not want to complain about the slow device over time, which is why I first decided on the flagship Xiaomi Mi5, then I switched to the newer version of Mi6, the phone has already 3 months. How is it presented? Can it stand on par with the twice as expensive 7 iPhone?


Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi6 reaches us in a white box, on the front of which there is the MI logo and a description of how much RAM and ROM is on the 64 / 6GB phone. The phone specifications are written from the back, just like on the iPhone boxes.

In addition to the smartphone in a box, we get:

  • QC 3.0 charger - Chinese plug, adapter needed
  • USB cable -> USB-C
  • adapter for USB-C headphones -> 3,5mm jack (no headphones included)
  • silicone case
  • manual user instructions
  • needle for pulling out the SIM card tray


The smartphone is available in four different colors. Black, silver, white and blue. It is also possible to buy a ceramic version, decorated with 18-carat gold. The back and front of the Mi6 is covered with glass, Xiaomi does not declare what glass the phone has covered. However, it is definitely not Gorilla Glass 4, on the front I have a few scratches. The back is missing because the litter in the case attached to the set. Not because of the risk of scratching, and because because the glass is very slippery and just goes off the tables if there are only a few curves, the case effectively eliminates this problem. The previous Mi5 flagship had the same problem. The new smartphone is heavier than its predecessor by 40g, as if it's not enough, but it's 25% of the weight of the device, I feel a difference, I think it's a plus. Mi5 was simply too light. It also has rounded edges so it fits well in your hand. The materials used are of excellent quality, the fitting of the elements is exemplary.

Xiaomi Mi6

On the front of the device we can find a camera for talks with 8 megapixel resolution, a light sensor and zooms, a speaker and a notification diode with only one color from the top. In Mi5 we could set different colors to other notifications, however in the newer model Xiaomi withdrew this. Under the screen there are three buttons, two functional ones on the sides, we can program them ourselves and in the middle of the Home where the fingerprint reader is located. Mi6 followed Apple's footsteps and gave up the headphone jack, while in the iPhone I think it's a plus because the manufacturer provided a brilliant Airpodsy headphones, but Xiaomi unfortunately forgot about it and does not offer any good wireless headphones. Yes, he has one wirelessbut in my opinion they are hopeless. They could leave the headphone jack for one year, the more so Mi6 is not waterproof, only splashproof.

On the back of the device you will find a dual camera with 12 megapixel resolution and a dual LED diode and attention, the lenses do not protrude beyond the casing. Halo Apple? Can be? Da. At the bottom, MI inscription and information that Xiaomi designed and made this phone in China. As if it had any meaning for me. On the right side there are three buttons, louder / quieter and a power button. On the left nanoSIM card tray, the phone can support two at once.

Xiaomi Mi6

According to me Xiaomi Mi6 lies better in the palm of your hand than the iPhone 7, if someone disturbs a small film, better buy tempered glass and do not pull it out of the case. For me at the front I have a bit of micro-pick up. The use of glass by Xiaomi causes that the smartphone looks like a premium product, but it is very hard-fingered.


Xiaomi Mi6 has XPSUM XPS 'XPS display and 5,15 × 1920 resolution, pixel density is 1080 PPI. On sunny days you can easily use the phone in full sun. The friend said he has very good blacks compared to Samsung. The display offers very good contrast over 428: 2000, viewing angles are very good.

Xiaomi Mi6

In the settings we have color temperature of light to choose from: cold, standard and heat. You can also boost standard, automatic or elevated contrast. I always have this option set to standard, the only thing I use is a blue light filter that supports reading in the dark, does not strain my eyes.

Efficiency and daily work

Xiaomi Mi6 I have a quarter. I think that the phone is sensational, it works really quickly. Has a processor Snapdragon 835 equipped with such top models as Samsung Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ or HTC U11. RAM memory is absurd for the iPhone user because it is up to 6GB, and this is 3x more compared to the latest Apple smartphone. "Such guts" provide Mi6 in an antuthound test result over 182tys, for comparison my iPhone 7 achieves 169tys. In each of the benchmarks, Xiaomi is at the forefront, he is not afraid of any game or program.


..who is what most users have fallen in love with Xiaomi, a sensational and intuitive overlay on the android, the version of the android system under which Mi6 works is Nougat 7.1.1. In my model I have a loaded version of MIUI 8.6 - 7.7.20 which is developed by

Some people think that MIUI is the most extended interface on Android, which I will not give myself to this hand. However, if you use iOS everyday, in MIU you will find yourself like a fish in the water! Plus in favor of MIUI for apples is a better possibility of personalization.

What do I use on the Mi6 most often and I miss the iPhone?

Android Pay

Payments are brilliant! Only what I miss is the possibility of paying with a watch, I hope that Xiaomi will show an Amazfit A1603 style armband that will allow you to pay.

Android Pay


Is beautiful! It is also very useful, it has a lot of choice options. For the Xiaomi gadget lover, the currency calculator option is particularly useful. If Xiaomi releases the device, enter how much the RMB costs, and the calculator automatically converts into USD and PLN. If the difference is very much between the sale price of Xiaomi and the Chinese intermediaries, I wait until it stops, I understand the prints, but if something is over 100% is not buying, I am waiting.

xiaomi calculator
xiaomi calculator

The second profile

Practically creates a second phone, second desktops, installed applications, contact, sms - everything. Useful if we give play to something to a child, and we do not want to get mixed up in our "main". No more accidental start of a conversation by a child.

second profile xiaomi mi 6

Double screen - awakening the phone

I am just writing reviews, the phone is on the table, I would have to pick up the iPhone to awaken the screen. In Mi6 it's enough to quickly tap the screen twice and the display will come back to life.

Xiaomi Mi6

Now the opposite, what do I miss in Mi6 regarding the iPhone 7?

Tweetboot - maybe they will do the application on android ...

Kyou have not used it, you will not understand! 🙂 A brilliant synchronization between devices. We read in this place where we ended up on another. It shows how many tweets we have to read. No ads, everything is chronological only from people we follow, no spam. Quite a different reception of Twitter than through the default application.

Operation mode with one hand

On the iPhone after double-tapping the Home button, the screen goes down halfway. In Mi6, the screen can be reduced in size 3,5cala, 4 or 4,5 inches. I liked the Apple solution more.

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VH fan

Macbook - message synchronization

It does not finish the feature of the iPhone, but its ecosystem. If we have a Macbook, automatic synchronization of messages between i Devices is a big plus, for example when rewriting SMS codes from a bank. Do you have to reply to an SMS in your everyday life, you do not have to reach for the phone, like a bug and useful.


By far the best headphones on the market, I have the Bang & Olufseny H8, which offer better sound quality, yet they have been unused for months. Even at home, I prefer Airpods.

I think that only the headphones, applications, ecosystem and not directly the telephone hold me. The boundary between Android and iOS is already very thin. And thanks to MIUI it is even thinner. If Xiaomi does "Airpods" He would be willing to change to Android. Only the unlucky Windows of Microsoft, here the difference between the systems is colossal, macOS >>> Windows.


I'm not going to deliberately divorce it, I'm not interested in dry numbers. Everything verifies life anyway, and nowadays we load smartphones every day. If we use a lot of the phone, the battery lasts for one day, maybe it will still be a dozen or so percent, so we will still charge at night to have the second day. Plus, I can give a battery is the fact that it supports QC 3.0 and loads very quickly.

Fingerprint reader

Just like the entire Xiaomi Mi6, the reader is devastated fast. You do not have to press the Home button to "wake up" the screen like you did on the 7 iPhone. Just slide your finger above the reader and the phone will be unlocked automatically.

The camera

Mi6 is equipped with dual main camera, the quality of the pictures depends mainly on the lighting conditions. On sunny days, in my opinion, it is really good and there is nothing to complain about, pictures are natural. There is no artificial shuffling. At a lower light, gentle noises appear.

Pictures taken by Mi6 by a complete amateur in auto mode look like this, in my opinion they are practically like from the iPhone 7:

Xiaomi Mi6

Xiaomi Mi6


Xiaomi Mi6 can be bought in China for less than 1600 PLNthe lowest price I have seen is PLN XNUM. iPhone 7 costs 3349 PLN, offers only 32GB built-in memory, and Mi6 up to 64gb in the cheapest version. Over the RAM, 6GB in Mi6 and 2GB in the iPhone, I will not speak because it's two other systems, two different memory management. However, the flagship Xiaomi is twice cheaper than its rival from the Apple stable! If you want a top smartphone in my opinion there is no better option. Xiaomi does a great job every year. Are you looking for a new phone, are not you in the Apple Ecosystem? You did not recognize the magic of Airpods? Take Xiaomi! Definitely the best choice if they sold it twice as expensive would also be an excellent choice, and for sin + -1500, do not buy ...

I was attracted to Apple products by 7 years ago iPhone. It was my first Apple device, compared to Android was revolutionary. Today I would not spend twice as much for a phone that is not much different from 2x cheaper competition. In my opinion, today Apple is more attracted to Apple devices, which still dominates over Windows.