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Lucky Bag Gearbest - buying a cat in a sack, it's worth it?

lucky bag gearbest

Shop every now and then put on sale Lucky Bag so-called cat in a sack. We pay for the sack in which we do not know what is, we only see the amount and category of the product, eg smart electronic, drone, xiaomi, home & garden. I bought a bag for 18,5 $ from the category "XIAOMI Electronics". It's only when we get to see what we've bought, what have I received?

My sack was unfortunately more unlucky than lucky. I received flood sensor Xiaomi, which is worth 13 $, I overpaid 5 $.

Buying Lucky Baga was not my business life, I hope you've found the better sacks. Or maybe this sensor will notify you about unexpected flooding at home, but it will be lucky 🙂

If anyone is interested in the sensor, remember that it is a device that communicates via Zigbee and is needed for it Gateway.