Another classic city shoes, this time the Freetie company

Xiaomi and their partners present new shoes every now and then, it's time for more. This time it's classic city shoes that are very similar to the popular model of the Adidas brand.

Freetie city shoes Freetie

Freetie city shoes

They were made of cowhide. Inside there is a three-dimensional insert ensuring a better air flow. The sole is made of non-slip TPR rubber, to ensure even better grip, additionally embossed anti-slip elements. They are available for both women and men, in black or white. In sizes from 35 to 45.

Freetie city shoes

Classic city shoes cost 179 yuan in China, $ 26. They are already available for sale and should soon appear in stores offering import outside of China. Soon you will be able to find them tutajor on a Sunday entry with products that we can buy.

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