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Another rotating 360stopnia camera from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has also refreshed its 360 rotating camera, which it records in 1080p resolution. Completely changing her appearance.

xiaomi rotary camera

So far Xiaomi rotating cameras had a round shape, this time the Chinese giant decided to have a rectangle. The camera rotates 360stopni all around and 93 up / down. I am glad that the resolution of the camera is 1080p. Xiaomi declares 1920 x 1080 at 120K / S streaming speed. I currently have a camera my favorite company with 720p resolution and quality is poor, and the streamed image cuts. I hope that the new model will have the declared parameters.

A new feature in the camera is auxiliary detection, i.e. we get the option of marking the area on the camera (green field) which will be meticulously watched, any change in the green field will be immediately informed.

auxilery detection.

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In addition, it will contain a USB port that extends the ability to write data to a pendrive. The current "spinner" has only an SD card slot, we can also save to the cloud. The new version of the camera also has two-way communication.

I hope that Xiaomi finally releases a camera with a software similar to Netatmo Presence, you can read the review on the website iMagazine. I liked the recognition of objects in Netatmo very much!

Now the price, the Chinese price per dollar is outstanding! It's 22 dollars, my current camera with meager quality costs about 35 $ .. I will buy the new model as it will appear from stores, I hope it will not be more expensive than 40 $ ..