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Classic, Xiaomi quartz watch.

Xiaomi quartz watch

We have 2017 a year, Apple prides itself on being the leaders in terms of watches, and what does Xiaomi do? It presents a classic quartz watch, devoid of the "smart" function.

The Xiaomi quartz watch was named I8. It is made for Xiaomi in a very minimalistic way, on the dial there is only a logo, the inscription I8. Is available in two colors, pearl white and sky black, "black sky"?

xiaomi i8

The watch is very thin, only 6,2mm thick. Citizen is responsible for the quartz mechanism inside. The upper part is made of sapphire glass, so it should not be a problem with scratches.

The watch has a metal braided band at the factory. The change of straps is instant thanks to the use of "push-pull" it is enough to move the "dzyndzel" which moves the telescope sideways and the belt has already been detached. I8 is waterproof to 50M, and the battery will last for 5 for years.

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Quartz Xiaomi watch? I did not count on it ...

... seeing pictures with a bushy description, I thought it would not be an ordinary watch. I was hoping that Xiaomi would suggest something more elegant, but with a pedometer and sleep monitoring. The watch that has Withings in its offer. Unfortunately, we did not get anything like that, is there still a place on the market of traditional watches for such a company as Xiaomi? I do not think so.

If, however, one of you was interested, the watch costs Xuanx yuan in China, or about ~ 399 $.