HiPee Smart Health Wizard - Xiaomi will examine a urine sample at home.

HiPee Smart Health Wizard

Xiaomi is putting health on again. Health is the most important thing, health is one thing, we hear this motto every day. The product that Xiaomi presented yesterday also shocked me. It is not common that a company that is mainly known for smartphones has released on the market device for urine testing, but in the end it's Xiaomi. We can expect everything. At first, after graphics, I thought it was pregnancy tests. HiPee Smart Health Wizard is a new product that has reached the crowdfunding platform and within Less than 24 hours reached 1062% of needed orders.

HiPee Smart Health Wizard

Technically, it can be said that it is a smart device for urine diagnostics. Although in every advertisement we hear that before taking any drug consult a doctor, many people prefer to avoid the doctors with a wide arc. Other people lead an active lifestyle and are of the opinion that they do not have time. Xiaomi comes to help and thanks to a urine sample and thanks to the new device it has 8 special sensors will be able to perform 14 various health tests for protein, glucose, pH, latent blood, white blood cell counts, blood sugar levels and more. The results will check if the kidneys and liver are working properly. The level of sugar in the blood will answer if we do not have diabetes. This is only part of the possible measurements. If you do not have to monitor your health at all, maybe at least Xiaomi will check the "gadget", better than nothing.

HiPee Smart Health Wizard

The device can be used by various age groups. It is only necessary press the button on the casing and the urinalysis is already started. Real-time measurement results are sent to a special application for the smartphone screen via a WiFi network. The HiPee Smart Health Wizard is 40g. Xiaomi declares that the results are so accurate that it can be compared with three hospitals in China. I wonder if this testifies well about the device or badly about Chinese hospitals.

HiPee Smart Health Wizard has been priced at 399 yuan, 62 $. The first people who order a device in China are expected to hit the 10 in July.

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