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Hammock from Xiaomi another product for outdoor recreation.

Hammock from Xiaomi

Xiaomi takes care of people who like nature, like camping, camping. A tent is on sale, now a recreational piece of furniture has been joined to outdoor recreation, a hammock. It is available in two colors. The first one is a combination of navy blue and blue, and the second is a combination of bright green and navy blue. Due to the fact that we are in the 21st century, the generation of smartphones could not be missing from the side of the phone pocket.

Hammock from Xiaomi

Hammock from Xiaomi

Designers Xiaomi creating a hammock inspired by parachute. It is very mobile, the weight is just 700 gram. After folding the dimensions are 12cm x 24cm. The belts included in the kit provide a very simple and rapid assembly between two trees.

Hammock from XiaomiThe price of a hammock in China is 80 yuan, $ 12. It's already in the store which offers shipping to Europe. However, a better offer is currently available from one of the sellers AliExpress..

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