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Guildford is a waterproof smartphone case from Xiaomi

It's Sunday, for many days of rest. Continuing the trend of new camping-camping-recreational products, I have the honor to present another novelty in this matter from Xiaomi. Xiaomi phones are not waterproof, which is why the Chinese manufacturer has released a new product, Guildford. It is a waterproof case for smartphones whose screen size does not exceed 6 inches. It will not only work during campsites, it is also perfect for swimming pools or beaches. My phone is waterproof, but the Xiaomi case would work very well on the beach. I have no idea of ​​protection against water, but against sand.

waterproof smartphone case

Guildford - waterproof case for smartphones

The housing has dimensions 220 mm x 105 mm, it will accommodate a device with dimensions 160 mm x 80 m. It is available in two colors, black or white. It was made of TPU, a thermoplastic polyurethane with a high degree of transparency. The material is characterized by high flexibility. Both the front and the back are transparent. Thanks to that, you will not only be able to operate the phone, but also take pictures with the rear lens. Xiaomi guarantees that the front "glass" does not adversely affect the operation of the touch screen. The same in the back, photos taken when the phone is in a waterproof housing are to be sharp, even made underwater.

waterproof smartphone case

The case has a four-level locking system. Provides protection against rain, sea water and chlorinated. The device, the item placed in the case may be under water for 10 hours. You can hide not only the phone but also other important things. Such as keys, money or documents. There will be no problem when you go swimming alone on the beach, you can take important things with you.

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waterproof smartphone case

Waterproof housing for Guildford smartphones has been priced at 29 yuan, $ 5. The housing can be ordered with shipping to Europe on the portal Aliexpress.

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