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CEO Xiaomi presents how the battery in the Mi 8 works
Demand for Xiaomi Mi 8 has dropped, there is no problem with availability

battery in the Mi 8

Xiaomi Mi 8 arouses large interest among people looking for a new phone from the top shelf. The company is expanding on other markets, recently launched an expansion in Italy by opening an official branch. Most of the products are sold only on the Chinese market, but global brand awareness is increased due to satisfied customers. Who have convinced themselves of the quality of the offered products and want more of them. As for the performance of the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 8 people have no doubt will be at the highest level. This will be provided by the processor Snapdragon 845, which exceeded 300 thousand in Antutu. There are definitely more fears battery capacity which is only about 50mAh bigger than last year's flagship Mi 6 and is 3400 mAh. The naked numbers are not everything, it's good on the example of cameras and Mpx, the aspect of battery management is more important. Lei Jun decided to write to fans through the Chinese social networking site as it is with this battery.

Battery in the Mi 8

Żywotność baterii w Mi 8 jest bardzo dobra, każdej nocy, kiedy ją ładuję, mam do dyspozycji 30% – 40%. Testowałem baterię telefonu bez przerwy, żeby zobaczyć, jak długo to trwa. Mój telefon komórkowy ma teraz pozostałe 18%.Szacuje się, że nadal można go używać przez 3 godziny. Był już używany przez 1 dzień i 11 godzin. CEO Xiaomi, Lei Jun

battery in the Mi 8

To give credence to your words. He added two photos to the entry showing the battery consumption. One of the website users added an interesting answer to the president of Xiaomi "You work 18 hours a day "For what he received the largest amount of" likes ". I think the boss of Xiaomi does not watch too many videos on Youtube, he does not play anything. That is why the results of the majority of the young generation will be worse and certainly will not be 30% on the next day.

The battery life of the device is the biggest problem of modern smartphones. There is no publicly available technology that will allow you to create a larger capacity battery with the current dimensions. In order to compensate, the manufacturers introduce the fastest charging possible, the Mi 8 has been implemented Quick Charge 4.0 +.

The first reviews of the new flagship are already appearing on the web. In terms of draining the battery, a continuous video playback test was carried out. The unquestionable winner was Xiaomi Mi Max 2 who reached 26 hours and 24 minutes. Mi 8 achieved 16 hours and four minutes. For comparison, another top smartphone, the Mi Mix 2s unframed clock achieved a result of three hours worse, 13 hours and 4 minutes.

battery in the Mi 8