Xiaomi Move IT Smart Home Gym or being a FIT in the XXI century according to Xiaomi

Xiaomi Move IT Smart Home Gym

Xiaomi Move IT Smart Home Gym Do you want to be Fit, Smart Fit? If you have little space in your home and you want to practice it, Xiaomi has a solution for you.

Xiaomi Move IT Smart Home Gym
Xiaomi presented her exercise device on the crowdfunding platform. Small gym "Move IT" allows you to spend time on endurance exercises - cardio training and muscle exercises. It has 4 variable devices, 7 built-in sensors (6 axial axial gyroscope, accelerometer, pressure sensor, sensor onstresses) and measures 41 different types of exercises.
Thanks to the application it is possible to send data to friends, family and even you have the opportunity to participate in a virtual sparring.
You can also work out with a virtual trainer.
The small gym is made of aluminum and plastic. Data transfer from the device thanks to the built-in Bluetooth in the 4.0 version. The application will work on Android and iOS devices.
The crowdfunding price is 1299 yuan, or about 190 USD. Shipping after 25 April.

Xiaomi Move IT Smart Home Gym

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