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AMAZFIT A1603 - the band that replaced Apple Watch

xiaomi amazfit a1603

Every year during the WWDC spring conference, Apple presents new versions of its operating systems, including iOS, macOS and watchOS. After the conference, Apple makes the beta versions of all systems available to developers, I installed "Bets" on all i Devices. While earlier my Apple Watch could withstand all day of battery + training, I always loaded at night. After installing the beta about an hour 16, I received a notification to recharge the watch, because the battery has only 10%, and before me the training. Loading the watch on a daily basis is acceptable to me, but recharging during the day is not possible. Fortunately, a new smart Xiaomi band came to my aid, Amazfit A1603. Which withstands 20 days on the battery and with its several functions makes me look like a watch with a bitten apple.


xiaomi amazfit a1603

You probably associate the Xiaomi MiBand 2 armband, the most popular smart band in the world due to its low price and good workmanship. So, can there be a better advertisement than saying that Amazfit A1603 is the "nicer brother" of MiBand 2? The Amazfit armband can be called the American version of MiBand 2. The look was fine, a few months ago I had MiBanda 2 but in my opinion it looked tacky and practically just lay on the shelf. I do not have such an impression at Amazfita, I like it. The use on the sides of aluminum makes the device aspire to the premium smart band category. It does not look like a crappy silicone band, it reminds FitBit products which in my opinion is the best company offering smart bands in terms of software and appearance, but they are much more expensive.

Let's get back to the Amazpot, in my opinion it has two cons in the construction:

  • the end of the belt after fastening overlaps the belt, as in a classic watch. The Apple Watch band came under the belt, so the problem with the hanging strap disappeared when you accidentally got caught in something and need to be corrected. Retail, but after two years with a better solution - irritates.
  • the OLED display used means that you can not see anything in the sun. The gesture of turning the hand to activate the display becomes useless, and so we have to make a "peak" to check the time with the other hand.

In addition to the nicer appearance of MiBanda 2, Amazfit offers a better way of charging. We had to get our older brother every time (once a month ...) pull the wristband and put in a special adapter to charge the finished USB. Amazfit A1603 has a special charging port on the bottom of the device. The attached cable, when applied to the port, automatically jumps thanks to a magnet, something like Magsafe in old macbooks. The magnet holds tight, you do not have to gently put it down carefully so that it does not hang up by accident.

Amazfit A1603

The headband has a touch button to switch the displayed information on the display, we can select to display only the information that interests us.

Information on the Amazfit A1603 display

  • Hour
  • Kroki
  • Distance
  • Calorie
  • Pulse
  • Battery level

Amazfit can wake us up, inform us about the connection, messages, facebook notifications, calendar and other similar notifications, the band vibrates and we can see what type of notification it is, but we do not see, for example, the content of an SMS or who calls us. For me it just had a plus, Amazfit made me aware that some of the notifications that I got on Apple Watch were unnecessary, they could easily wait as I would have free time and check on the phone.

Mi FIt application

All changes in the band settings, synchronizations are carried out in the Mi Fit application. She recently received updates to the 3.0 version and is brilliant. It is the information presented in the application that made me willingly wear the Amazfit A1603 armband. For starters, our activity, or steps.

Amazift 1603

MI fit 3.0

Presentation of collected information is very clear, sleep statistics are even better.
MI fit 3.0
The hours agree with my actual time of falling asleep and waking up. The real icing on the cake is for me information comparing my results with other users and my stats. In this regard, Xiaomi still has details to improve because the information does not mix on the screen, but it's not difficult to guess what has been cut off.

MI fit 3.0Amazift 1603

Tracking activity

The thing that I miss the most in the armband is the ability to monitor the effort during training at the gym, Xiaomi, unfortunately, so far focuses only on running and cycling.

Dana is synced with the Health app on the iPhone. But just as the iPhone measures our pulse every few minutes and can detect atrial fibrillation, unfortunately Amazfit A1603 does it only when we ask for it and choose a pulse view or we have activated the activity.

Amazift 1603 xiaomi amazfit 1603


Amazift 1603 it's a smart band definitely worth attention, she enchanted me with the way she presented the information she had gathered. However, it should be remembered that we receive the same data if we use it Mi Banda 2 which is twice as cheaper and twice as uglier 🙂 I would like other Xiaomi products to be so polished for Poles as the Mi Fit application, I hope that the Mi Home application will follow Mi Fita's footsteps quickly! On my hands, Amazfit will stay until autumn, or maybe even longer. What would convince me to change to another armband? Apple Pay in Poland and return to Apple Watch or smart band / watch from Xiaomi with NFC so you can pay with Android Pay. However, there is no one or the other, so it promises a longer affair with Amazift A1603.

If anyone is interested Xiaomi shoes these steps are not added to the daytime in Mi Ficie, and as a separate training. The meter in my indicate already 170km, I wonder if we will wait until the endurance of shoes in stores will be given in kilometers 😀

update 23.07.2017

We can make the band display information who calls / writes to us. Explanation in new entry.


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