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Upgrade to Mi Band 3 - now you can follow the exercises from the band level

The Mi Band is one of the most recognizable Xiaomi products, so it's no wonder that it is often updated and improved. Recently, the band has been officially available in Poland, but it costs PLN 149. You can buy it at Xiaomi stores in Poland, but if you want to save +/- 60, you can download it on your own from China.

Upgrade to Mi Band 3

Upgrade to Mi Band 3

A few weeks ago the wristband was updated, thanks to which Mi Band 3 began to support Polish. Now it's time for a new update that allows you to start your training session directly from the wristband.

How to update?

All you need to do is launch the Mi Fit app on your smartphone, and the band will update itself to the latest version of the software during data synchronization.

The option is constantly developed and at the moment you can not choose the type of physical activity. After launching the new option on the band, we will be able to view the activity time, heart rate and calories burned.

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The band Mi Band 3 I highly recommend, you will not buy anything better for 90 zlotys. For several weeks I tested the product and it worked very well, but I am a fan of watches and I came back for a moment Amazfita 2S which is beautiful.

Mi Band 3 where to buy?

wristband Mi Band 3 You can buy for PLN 87 in the Gearbest store with the IVBAND3 coupon. The waiting time for a shipment from China is around 2-3 weeks.

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