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Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip - the best smartwatch on the market for me

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip

I am a fan of lifestyle tracking devices. I am curious how my sleep went, how many steps I did. Speaking of our data, can anyone of you read Marc Elsberg's book, Zero? The author presents the world in which companies pay us for the opportunity to collect information about our lives. Tracking our activity on your smartphone, computer and other modern gadgets. I wonder whether we will see such times when we will "sell", doing exactly what is now. Returning to smart wristbands, I wore the first generation of Apple Watch for a long time. It had two big cons, the lack of Apple Pay in Poland and the need for daily charging. The only thing I used to do was to view the time and browse the content of the message without having to reach for the phone, it did not compensate for the disadvantages. After some time I came across the product Xiaomi, the Amazfit band A1603, which is the prettier sister of the most popular smart band in the world, also from Xiaomi, namely the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It enabled tracking of steps taken during the day, monitoring of sleep and pulse. The results were presented in a very elegant way. For some time now I have changed the armband A1603 on Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip watch and stayed with him for longer.


It has a square envelope like Apple Watch. Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip is aimed at active buyers, which is why, similarly to the basic AW version, it has a silicone band. It's good quality, I did not have any problems in a few months. It does not cause irritation on my skin. The screen protects the glass Corning Gorilla Glass, works very well, I do not have any scratches on it. The display has 1,28 size and 176 × 176 resolution. This is not the quality of the product of a bitten apple, but the fact that the visibility in full sun is exemplary and the battery stays much longer - definitely prefer to have "worse" display in the wrist device with a much longer battery life. On the bottom of the device there are "Contacts" for charging and a heart rate sensor. Like most Smartbands, the Amazfit Bip is waterproof with IP68 certification.

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip

The watch is loaded in a special USB plug that came with the device.

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip

Watch management

At the beginning the watch was available only with a bushy Chinese interface. Fortunately, the manufacturer has released updates and now we can enjoy the eyes in English. To start the adventure with Amazfit Bip we have to download the Mi Fit apps.

I fit I fit

In the application, we synchronize the collected information and configure the watch. I have a lot of different options to choose from, for example, which applications should receive notifications, set the wake-up time and the watch will vibrate. Determine the locations for the weather. You can also unlock your smartphone / computer if you have a watch on your hand. I used this option for a few minutes and then turned off, I prefer a fingerprint reader / face scan. Mainly what I care about is the preview of incoming SMS and alert from the Blockfolio application in which I follow the course of purchased cryptocurrencies. The watch does not support Polish characters, however, I have no problem understanding the content read.

Everyday use

I will start with the most important one, you do not have to load every day! You do not have to recharge even every two weeks, the battery lasts for a month! Assuming that you are not using GPS, you have enough hours of continuous use of GPS for around 20. The only downside is the fact that sometimes I forget where I put the docking station.

The watch works perfectly as a watch. I used Apple watcha, similarly but much more focused my attention. Amazfit Bip works "quietly in the background" and does what belongs to him, keeps track of my day, keeps track of my sleep. It does not synchronize it every day with the Mi Fit app, I do it every few days and look at my results. And the way in which they are presented was already described by the band Amazfit A1603, I like it very much. Definitely better than Apple's, comparisons to other users are my opinion, brilliant and I prefer to look at them much more than the "dry numbers" of steps.

On the watch, we can see the weather that will be, start the alarm, countdown and here is a big minus for me. If we start the countdown, we can not minimize to the initial screen, the countdown time must be displayed all the time. There is also an option for runners, cyclists and walkers. The watch has GPS and can track the training, presenting at the end speed, distance, heart rate, height and calories burned. I hope that in the Xiaomi update, the option of recording strength training will be added.


One, no NFC, and hence Android Pay payments. If it did, he would be the perfect smart watch for me for this moment.


I am very pleased with him. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip, you can buy for less than $ 60. If you feel that you do not need to see SMS content and notifications you can buy the Mi Band 2 armband or Amazfit A1603 offer the same options for collecting sleep data and steps like a watch, they also present information in the same way, but do not have GPS.

  • It looks like it is a slightly, more modest and cheaper version of Xiamoi Amazfit Pace? The system and functionality have probably the same?

    • In Pace, you can control Xiaomi smart Home devices but have a much shorter battery life. I ordered amazfita 2 today, I wonder how it works.

    • Amazfit Pace has a built-in GPS, while Amazfit Bip has A-GPS, which retrieves GPS data from the smartphone via the MI Fit app (every now and then when you enter the watch option in the Mi Fit app it synchronizes A-GPS data and it takes up to several minutes). In my opinion, this is the whole secret of longer work on the Bip watch battery, and its lower price compared to Pace. Bip is a full-fledged watch and you can have it on a daily basis. The length of work on the battery is also due to the use of the e-ink screen. However, the downside of all Amazfit models is a closed system instead of Android Wear and thus the inability to upload new applications, Polish interface, etc. Hit will be an Amazon watch with an e-ink screen and Android Wear system.

  • I use NRC (Nike + Running Club) for running and I have a lot of workouts stored there. I am looking for a tracker that will free me from running with my smartphone and after training, I will send GPS data to the NRC about the route, tempe, times (and elevations). Does XIAOMI AMAZFIT BIP provide this?

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