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A modern Circle Joy wine cork and a carafe from Xiaomi

When you open a bottle of wine, you must drink it to the end so that the taste will not deteriorate over time? Xiaomi together with Circe Joy presents a solution to this problem. They created a cork that will keep the freshness of the drink for a long time.

Circle Joy wine cork

Modern Circle Joy wine cork

The plug is made of 304 stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion and rust. When we close the wine with a stopper from Xiaomi, the vacuum in the bottle reaches the high standard of 0.038 Mpa, after 7 the wine will still be fresh. The diameter of the plug is 41,6 mm and the height 60 mm, so it does not increase the bottom diameter of the bottle. It is also equipped with a date reminder function, just rotate and the number on the side of the case will change by one.

Modern Circle Joy wine cork

The Circle Joy wine cork was priced in China on 49 yuan, 8 $. Soon, it should appear in stores offering import outside China.

A wine carafe

a wine carafe

Xiaomi has already been on offer Wine Opener, and yesterday also presented a carafe for wine. The size of the carafe is 201 x 59 x 216 mm, and the weight is 570g. 1,5L holds wine or other liquor. It costs 128 yunas in China, $ 19.

Xiaomi wine carafe

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