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Mi mini Router - budget Xiaomi Router.

Mi mini Router

The times in which routers only serve to share WiFi computers have long since passed. Currently, they must manage and communicate with a significant number of devices. With our telephones, televisions, smart home devices, cameras - there is a whole lot of them. Xiaomi offers an inexpensive router, the Mi mini Router has some interesting features.The device provides two WiFi networks at the same time, with a higher 2,4ghz frequency, but with a weaker transfer, and 5ghz with a smaller range but higher speed. Mi mini RouterI live in a large house 200 m2 and used the Tp-Link router (TL-WR841N) for about two years. I had a problem with the range. On the floor where the router stands with the range was very good, while on the 1 floor problems began. In the room where he works on a laptop and on the phone signal, he was very weak. It was practically impossible to use the internet. The signal in the MiFi router is better, the 2,4ghz network covers my whole house. Now I can easily run fluent video streaming from anywhere in the house. After a few weeks of adventures with my new Xiaomi Mi WiFi Mini router I am very impressed with the range of this small router. Additionally, it has one USB port. As a minus I can consider the bandwidth of the WLAN port, which is 100Mbs, but for less than 100 PLN you can not demand so much.


The router can be connected using the Mi WiFi Router mobile application or traditionally via a browser. I recommend configuring the router through mobile applications is child's play, without any cables and the whole process takes minutes. During the configuration process, we need to set a password for the router, name the Wifi 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz networks and passwords for both networks.


Router has interesting features that are in vain with the competition for a similar one. One of them is the blocking of accessibility for various devices that are connected to it. Poor assessment of children? We can cut off some devices permanently or select the time periods in which Internet access will be possible. Another nice function is to display the speed of connection with a given phone or computer. In this way, we can track who and how much transfer gets through our Router. there is also an option to reduce or increase the baud rate for the selected equipment.


I think most users will share my positive feedback for this device and like me is very happy with it and there are no objections to work with this device. Professionals and more advanced users may need a faster WLAN port and more computing power. I have about 10 devices connected and the computing power is enough.

You can buy XiaomiM Mi Mini Router on AliExpress. for around 25 $.

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