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An electric wine opener, of course Xiaomi.

Electric wine opener

Some of the Poles associate Xiaomi only with smartphones, but the Chinese manufacturer has accustomed us to the fact that his portfolio is probably the most extensive of all companies in the world. Recently, she has been very active in the field of culinary art. I bought steel pans, but I overestimated my skills and burn everything. Even the Xiaomi stamp does not help, it's not like Teflon. Chinese people like Italian cuisine, as well as red wine served for dishes. The kitchen accessory that went to the crowdfunding platform yesterday is an electric wine opener. He has already achieved 256% of the required sum, for comparison, the car air purifier is currently 153%, you can see the priorities in China ??! Respect.

Xiaomi electric wine opener

Electric wine opener xiaomi

This is not a new product, electric wine openers have been on the market for many years. Xiaomi often improves things that are already available from other companies. The Xiaomi wine bottle opener has a casing entirely made of black stainless steel, finished with a matte surface. On the side there are two buttons used to pierce and pull the cork.In addition, there is a LED and a display informing how many bottles we have already opened. Good with the display jokes, there is only a LED which informs about the level of charge. The electric motor is powered by the 550 mAh battery. The engine speed generated by the engine allows you to open the wine during 6 seconds. I would like my car to have up to a hundred. Emitting sound level not exceeding 60 db during opening. The 550mAh battery allows you to open 70 bottles of wine on a single charge. It also has a Quick Charge, after 5 minutes of charging will allow you to open another 10 bottles. However, if we have to open seventy, it takes two and a half hours to fully charge. Charging takes place via the micro-usb port.

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The Xiaomi electric wine opener costs 99 yuan, 15 $. Shipment to customers will start from 10 June. Shop he has already added an opener to his offer.

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